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Member Benefits

KSOA Member Benefits

Members in good standing of the Kansas Sports Officials Association are given access to an ever growing list of benefits to support their personal development as well as the broader efforts of recruiting and retaining sports officials. These benefits create a multilayered environment in which individuals new to working the high school game can thrive and where veteran officials can hone their craft as well as give back to the next generation of referees/umpires.  We are proud to offer the benefits outlined below and are constantly working to add to this list.

Network of Officials

For most officials, one of the best aspects of being a referee/umpire is the chance to work with and get to know others in this line of work. The KSOA works to provide networking opportunities for officials of all levels and ages, making this a safe, comfortable, supportive environment for officials to begin and develop in the high school game. It’s no secret recruiting and retaining officials are difficult tasks. Our Association is designed to provide the ideal environment for individuals to succeed in the high school officiating ranks. This approach provides numerous opportunities for new officials to develop and veteran officials to both sharpen their skills and give back to the referees/umpires who will soon work in their place.

HUDL Access

HUDL is an online software for uploading and sharing game footage. Almost all of the schools John Dehan’s Call the Game organization assigns for utilize this program. KSOA members are given a personal HUDL account and games that they work will be shared to their account for review and analysis. While most schools only record their varsity contests, HUDL is a valuable tool for officials at all levels for a few reasons. First, we are beginning to see more schools recording sub-varsity contests. Second, watching high school level game film, even games that official did not work or games at levels higher than that official is normally working, is extremely beneficial. And finally, sport coordinators will be working to publish educational video series to be shared out to all officials working that sport.

High Level Competition

High school competition in this area is arguably the best competition in the state of Kansas. Area teams are occasionally ranked on a national level, their coaches receive national recognition and area athletes achieve outstanding scholarship offers to top schools. KSOA members get the opportunity to work high level contests on a week to week basis. These games including the level of competition and energetic atmosphere, prepare officials well for working at the collegiate level (for those aspiring to work higher levels).

Discounted Clinics

Off-season clinics are outstanding opportunities to sharpen your craft, receive feedback from high level officials and be seen by assigners. The Call the Game group has set a high standard for clinics over the years especially in basketball, volleyball and baseball. The KSOA will continue to partner with CTG to provide these and other clinic opportunities for officials in all sports with discounted rates for KSOA members. Check out the sport specific pages on our website for clinic information.

In-Season Evaluations

Feedback from qualified observers during and immediately following a game is invaluable for officials wanting to improve. The KSOA will be investing a significant amount of time, energy and resources into providing in-season evaluators to observe KSOA member officials of all levels.

Partnerships with Other Organizations

Your KSOA board is constantly working to partner with outside organizations to provide more benefits to the membership. These organizations include professional partnerships for goods and services and other officiating organizations. Sport specific partnerships will be made with collegiate assigning and training groups to provide a pathway to officiating excellence beyond the high school ranks for those seeking to move up. Members will be made aware of these partnerships as they are formed.

Discounts and Deals for KSOA Members

Below are organizations with whom KSOA has partnered to provide discounts and benefits for our members. Please email to receive discount codes and more information.

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