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Get Started in Officiating

Let KSOA Help Start Your Path to Officiating Excellence

The Kansas Sports Officials Association (KSOA) wants to help you get started and succeed in officiating! In short, the mission of KSOA is to provide a path to excellence in officiating by recruiting, training, evaluating and networking officials across seven sports (baseballbasketball, football, soccer, softball, volleyball and wrestling). If you are wanting to referee one of these sports, simply follow the steps below!

Step One: Let Us Know You're Interested

We first need your basic information and which sport(s) interest you. CLICK HERE to complete the "GET STARTED in Officiating" form. After we've received your info, a KSOA representative will contact you to ensure the information we have is correct and connect you with a representative from the sport(s) of your choosing

Step Two: Registration & Certification

A KSOA representative from the sport(s) of your choosing will walk you through the registration and certification process. They will outline important dates, fees, purchasing uniforms, connecting with assignors to get games and more. 

Step Three: Officiate with a Support System*

After registering and certifying, we at KSOA want to be your support system through your first two years on the court/field through mentorship, evaluations and year end reflections. This step is asterisked as it is only available for those officials who join KSOA. Cost is $20 per year for your first two years then regular member dues will apply ($35 for one sport, $45 for two sports, $55 for three or more sports). Join KSOA by clicking HERE.

If you have any questions or concerns about getting started in officiating, please reach out to

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