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KSOA Committees

There are a lot of opportunities for KSOA members to get involved in the many efforts of the Association. Below are several committees for which members in good standing can express interest in serving. Brief descriptions have been provided for each committee below. Email if you would like to serve on a committee.

Sub-Varsity Advisory Council

5+ members ensuring the concerns of sub-varsity officials are heard and then expressed to the board. 

Varsity Advisory Council

5+ members ensuring the concerns of varsity officials are heard and then expressed to the board. 

Sport Specific Committees

Each of the seven sports has a designated committee of members who will structure in-season and off-season training, mentoring, evaluations, rankings and express concerns to the board of directors. 

KSOA Store

Coordinating, designing and selling KSOA logo apparel

Social Media, Marketing and Advertising

Coordinating our social media presence and communicating our message to the community.

Membership Committee

Coordinating member benefits, recruiting, outreach to youth organizations and social events. 

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