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Member Grievances

The KSOA Board strongly believes this to be an association by and for the member officials. One aspect to this approach is lending a listening ear for members to acknowledge grievances. The Grievance Committee will hear concerns from KSOA members in good standing as outlined by the following procedure.

Grievance Procedure

Grievance claims can be made against another member or KSOA assignor, all details will be kept confidential except for Grievance Committee members, KSOA Board members, and those persons directly involved in the claim.

  1. The member must notify the Grievance Committee Chair by completing the form outlined below.

  2. The Grievance Chair will acknowledge receipt of the claim in writing within 48-72 hours and outline an action plan.

  3. The Grievance Committee will investigate the allegation(s) and respond to the claimant within two to three weeks after receipt acknowledgement. The response will include either a decision, a proposed resolution, or a proposed plan for further investigation.

  4. Claimant has a time outlined by the Grievance Chair to respond to the Grievance Committee either accepting the decision/proposal or proposing a different resolution.

If you are viewing this page on a mobile device, please click here to access the KSOA Grievance Form.

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