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KSOA Members,

We have a new opportunity to connect our members! If you have a service, business or skill you would like to promote, please click here. You will be directed to a short form to collect your information to be shared on our website and social media accounts.

When it comes to networking our members, one of our core missions, KSOA is eager to provide you with ways to make connections,  personally and professionally. The idea is simple: we want our members to have a place to promote their services, businesses and skills, providing an opportunity for officials to support their peers off the court/field. We especially think of those operating small businesses during our current time of financial hardship. We can help each other! 

We are thrilled to see significant headway made in this area of our mission. Please take a few minutes to input your information so KSOA can better serve you!

Questions or concerns can be expressed via email to

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KSOA features a member every month. For the month of April, soccer official Drew Klemp is our spotlighted member. We reached out to Drew with some questions about officiating. Check out what he said!

There are countless officials who could and should be "spotlighted". If you would like to nominate an official, please email

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KSOA will be featuring a member each month. For the month of March, Mike Harmon is our member spotlight. Mike recently worked his last game in Kansas. We are thankful for the legacy he is leaving behind.

There are countless officials who could be "spotlighted". If you would like to nominate an official, please email

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